Collection filtering FAQs

  • How does filtering work?

When collection filtering is enabled, the app will automatically tag all the active products in the online sales channel with location names at which the product is in stock.

Once the products are tagged then Shopify's built-in feature such as filter by tag can be used to display products available at a certain location only on collection pages, Also automatic collections can be configured based on a tag to create a collection per location.

Product tagged with locations.

Automatic collection based on location tags

  • Will the location tags kept in sync with the inventory updates?

Yes, when collection filtering is enabled, the app will automatically add the location tag to the product if it becomes available at a location or removes the tag if the product becomes unavailable at a location. There will be a delay of 20-25 seconds between inventory update in Shopify and tags update by the app.

  • How variants will be handled?

If any of the product variants is available at a location then the product will be tagged with that location, for example, the clay plant pot product on our demo site has two size variants Regular size is available only at the London Holborn store and Large size is available at Notting hill store, hence the product is tagged with both the locations and is visible on London store & Notting Hill store pages.

  • Does it work with larger product catalogs?

Yes, the app will work with larger catalogs, it has been tested on a catalog with 2800 plus products. For larger catalogs, once filtering is enabled it could take anything from 15 mins to 30 mins to tag the entire catalog.

  • What are the Tag groups?

Some popular things like Impluse & Warehouse theme allow creating a group of tags which can be used to neatly organize filter menu. If a Tag group option is provided when enabling filtering then the app will create a tag using TagGroup_LocationName convention. For example, Location_Notting Hill where "Location" is the name of the tag group and Notting Hill is the name of the location, now left-hand navigation can have a Location group with a list of available locations as a sub-list underneath.

  • Do I need to make changes to the theme?

Most likely you will not need to change anything in your theme for the collection filtering to work. Reach out to our support if any theme changes are required.