Custom Styles

The app allows you to provide your own styles to give complete control of how inventory  & location information is displayed on product pages.

Below are the details of various Css classes that can be used to provide a custom look & feel:

  • Main container class that wraps entire app widget including the header and footer text
    .iia-container {}

  • Container for the header (the element which has the store icon)

.iia-header-container {}

  • Class applied to the store icon <span> element

.iia-header-container {}

  • Class applied to the header text <label> element

.iia-header {}

  • Class applied to the footer element

.iia-footer {}

  • Each location box has <div> cotainer with following class

.iia-list-item {}

    • Class applied to location name

.iia-title-text {}

    • Class applied to location address

.iia-address {}

    • Class applied to location phone number

.iia-phone {}

    • Class applied to location info

.iia-info {}

  • There is also an overall container for the location list which has following class applied

.iia-list-item {}