Updating Theme

For the majority of the themes, App will insert the inventory information widget above the Add to cart button. For the stores that require adjustment to the widget placement, please follow the below instructions to update the theme.

The steps below show how to insert the widget above the "Add to cart" button.

Step 1:
  • Go to the Themes section listed under Online Store in the left navigation bar within Shopify Admin.
  • On the right-hand section within the Current theme section, click on the Actions button and then click on the Edit code menu item to open the theme code editor.

Step 2:
  • On the theme code editor, search for "product" using the search box on the left-hand side.
  • Depending upon your theme you will find either product-template.liquid under Sections or under Templates heading, please not file name could vary based on the theme, but look for a file that is most likely the template file for the product page.
  • Once you have identified the product template file click on the file.

Step 3:
  • On the product template liquid file, locate the HTML code for the add to cart button, an example of HTML snippet is highlighted above, please note that depending upon your theme this snippet may look different.

Step 4:
  • Insert the following line of code just above the button HTML and click on the Save button to save your changes.

<div id="inventory-info-app" class="iia-container"></div>

Still need help?

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